Residential & Domestic Services

Although many of the principles applied to the design and implementation of commercial systems apply to residential situations, there are many unique factors to consider.

Above all there is one core difference- we are looking after your family.

It's a lifestyle thing.

In approaching a residential situation, we at Code9 primarily focus on client's lifestyle, habits around their property and the unique characteristics of the property.

Your ideas. Our expertise.

As a client, you know better than anyone what you need to protect and what level of protection makes you feel comfortable. It's then our job to discuss your options and provide implementation recommendations gleaned from our years of experience in the personal security sector.

We know people.

We, as your primary point of contact for all of your security concerns, stake our reputation on recommending only the best system installers, equipment providers and patrol services for all of our clients, commercial or residential.

Smoke detection and fire monitoring.

Many homeowners assume the sole task of a domestic monitoring service is to detect intruders and trigger responses by either patrols or law enforcement.

However, the ability to network smoke detectors in an alarm system and connect them to our monitoring centre should be one of the primary reasons for commissioning a domestic monitoring service.

Securing landlords' investments

We understand the plight of asset-rich time-poor landlords who require their portfolios to remain secure and available to tenants. As with any domestic system plan, we specialise in designing systems for multi-tenant and/or multi-premises situations.

Switching to Code9

So you've got an aging- yet functioning alarm system in place, monitored or currently un-monitored. The assumption is often that you'll need to jump through hoops to change to a new company, or even worse, that the existing alarm is seemingly old and likely to need replacing.

We do it all for you.

There is no cost to change to us, addtionally we review your system and project manage any changeover- or upgrades required. Old alarm system? We've not yet encountered an alarm system that we couldn't connect to our network!