Commercial & Community Clients

In a dynamic and ever changing commercial landscape, needs requirements change frequently. At Code9, we have built a solid reputation for flexibility through experience and the establishment (and continual review) of our comprehensive service offering.

In addition to intrusion detection, many of our customers require and receive monitoring for fire and smoke detection. Regular and incidental reporting is easily provided for with a Code9 monitored solution.

Retail premises

Security and safety are key factors in any environment where cash or valuable stock items are accessible. A Code9 monitoring solution with an intrusion and duress feature gives staff piece of mind and remote smoke detection secures inventory after hours.

Office buildings, floors or units.

Our partitioning approach to systems allows Code9 to easily monitor entire buildings, floors or individual units. Alongside our daily internal reporting and pre-determined response functions, clients are provided with regular entry/exit reporting.

Environmental monitoring

Typically temperature related, we provide "safe range" monitoring and pre-determined response for critical heating (or cooling / refrigeration) systems.

Schools, Institutions, Plant & Manufacturing.

When buildings, people and equipment are distributed across a large area, our specialist system comes to the fore with complex and multi-tiered monitoring and response triggers. Additionally we provide remote plant monitoring for key performance indicators. E.g, temp, psi, kw output etc.

Mobile Monitoring.

If it moves and contains a GPS transmitter, we can monitor it! Typically our mobile monitoring service is deployed for intruder protection for security critical vehicles (eg, mobile medical, fleet transport). Addtionally we can also remotely monitor location, movement and temperature- depending on client requirements.

Automated Monitoring Reports

We can provide concise reporting for commercial customers on either a monthly, weekly or daily basis depending on your requirements.
A valuable management tool for internal tracking of human resources within your organisation.

Monitoring the Christchurch rebuild.

As the pace of the rebuild accelerates and crews are distributed on multiple sites throughout the region, Code9 can coordinate the provision of portable systems to monitor unpowered building sites and temporary yard facilities.

100+ Schools Trust Us!

Code9 provides monitoring and response for over one hundred schools nationwide. Our service ensures that these valuable education resources are protected with intrusion alert and networked fire detection technology.

Educators, contact us today to learn more about the specialised services we provide your industry peers.

Switching to Code9

So you've got an aging- yet functioning alarm system in place, monitored or currently un-monitored. The assumption is often that you'll need to jump through hoops to change to a new company, or even worse, that the existing alarm is seemingly old and likely to need replacing.

We do it all for you.

There is no cost to change to us, additionally we review your system and project manage any changeover- or upgrades required. Old alarm system? We've not yet encountered an alarm system that we couldn't connect to our network!